Tomorrow’s Wrath

Sirus O’Sullivan has launched Phase 2 of the Palace Program, catapulting the young Palace-born into a dark course curriculum that goes against everything they’ve ever learned.

After the cleansing of Old World members for the sake of preservation, young Melinda struggles with her warring instincts. Her only friend is a young man named Lonnie, but as the two become more than friends, Lonnie must convince her that going against the Order is going against life itself. When Lonnie rises up in the ranks of a lethal army with inhuman weapons skills, it becomes apparent that the Palace-born were built for more than peace.

Mary’s escape from Sirus finds her in a rebel Palace taken over by the Eagle Squad. There, Mary trains for her revenge, but she quickly realizes that certain rebels could be as dangerous as Sirus himself. Dale, the squad’s information specialist, falls for Mary as he interrogates her daily. But not even Dale can protect her from Sirus’s plot to get her back at all costs.

Carla knows God has spoken, and she is the chosen one to rid the world of those from elsewhere, no matter the dark deeds she has to perform to get the job done. Mary is on her radar, and it seems like the only way Carla can complete her missions is by ridding her team of the unnatural Palace-born woman.

Logan has worked his entire life for one thing: taking back their world. While his dear friend Jacob was forced into the Palace Program when they were just kids, Logan was surviving on the outside, fighting the men in white vans and training a task force of survivors. When Logan discovers strange weapons hidden deep within their rebel Palace, he knows it’s a game changer. If he could only figure out how to wield them…

In a twisted game of life and death, dominance and destruction, humanity and colonizers—outside survivors struggle to find footing and reclaim what they’ve lost. Mary soon discovers she is the key—but will she be able to use her deadly gifts to defeat those who have created her?

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What If?

  • You are the survivor of a massive human extermination. All of your loved ones are now vague, distant memories. You’re fortunate, and shipped into a world that is new, utopian, and a perfect version of life. But as years go by, nothing is perfect to you at all. What are your keys to survival?

New Kings of Tomorrow

Twenty years ago, Jacob lost everything. Just as he was starting to figure out life as a college freshman, his world was suddenly shattered when a devastating illness destroyed the world he once knew and claimed the lives of everyone that mattered to him.

Jacob and the other survivors of the pandemic were transported to the Palace Program. Housed in a quarantined modern facility, the Palace is a perfect community designed to protect them from the sickness that wiped out ninety-five percent of the world population.

The Order, which has risen as the new ruling power, believes the desires of the old world were responsible for its collapse. They appoint Sirus, the program director, to rehabilitate the survivors and continue with the reproduction of mankind.

As the years go by and Jacob’s relationships in the Palace become more complex, he slowly begins to see that the man-made utopian society is nothing close to a perfect tomorrow, but is instead an unfathomable deception.

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